There are few women in the world who do not spend at least some of their childhood dreaming of their wedding day. The aisle, the groom, the bouquet, the reception dinner. But for many brides, the most important and symbolic item of the entire day is the wedding dress. When the day comes, that dress is an item of clothing that attains a level of significance above any other. It is worn on one day and one day alone, and then it is usually put away in a box or closet to be seen only very rarely, if ever again.

It seems a waste to have this piece of art, crafted to match your specific beauty and elegance that is also steeped with such emotion and meaning to not be on display to be appreciated more often. Our designers have decided that they cannot let that be the end of your gown’s story.

Your Dress Reborn
Belgium Diamond House will help you to capture those powerful memories that flood your mind whenever you open that closet door and gaze on the dress you wore on that special day.

You will first have a consultation with the designer, so they can learn your personality, see your dress, and discover what is most important to you in the design of your unique ring.

They will then draw inspiration from the design of the lace and veil of your bridal gown, and the emotional significance that you have revealed, to craft a ring designed specifically for you. Further consultation on these designs will let you make all the necessary adjustments so that you are fully satisfied that this ring expresses everything to you that that dress does. You can view examples of our designers work in the rings here in this collection, which were inspired from the wedding gown of Queen Paola of Belgium.

Once your new ring is complete, you no longer need to keep those special memories tucked away in a box. Every time you look upon your hand, you can be reminded of the joy you experienced on your wedding day.

*The Art of Memory custom wedding band service is priced at HK$30,000, HK$60,000 and HK$90,000 respectively. The service pack includes a pair of custom wedding bands, an art book and a wedding-gown-inspired logo that only belongs to the newlyweds.

Receive your custom wedding bands in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Schedule an Appointment
Make an appointment with our Luxury Jewellery Designers for a consultation.

Step 2: Meet Our Designers
When you visit us for the first time, please provide photos and details of your wedding gown design. Our designers will learn about your personality through the consultation, and be able to tailor-make the perfect wedding bands for you.

Step 3: Review Your Design
Our designers will present your wedding band designs in about 1 to 2 weeks after your initial visit. Your design will be customized based on your feedback until it meets your dream wedding bands.

Step 4: Confirm Your Design
Upon confirmation of your design, you are required to make a 50% deposit. Production will then begin on your wedding bands. It takes approximately 60 days to complete the production.

Step 5: Ready for Pickup
Our designers will hand over your unique pair of custom wedding bands as well as a tailor-made art book. The art book contains a watercolor painting of your wedding bands and photos of the production process.