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There is a special bond between lovers that is inexplicable and indescribable. Often the only way for one to express such powerful emotion is with art. And while we craft the finest jewellery as an attempt to immortalise the love you share, we are always seeking ways to enhance and amplify that magical feeling for you. With Schumann's Runes, we will help you not only see that deep love shining from your finger, but hear it sweetly upon the air as well. ...

Music can be pregnant with more than just a romantic atmosphere. Great composers of the past have carefully crafted their notes in order to encrypt secret messages - hidden tales for only their lovers' ears. The famous composer, Robert Schumann, would hide such love letters for his wife Clara within his compositions. It is only upon reading deeper into these masterpieces that we have revealed these mysterious declarations of love and devotion.

Schumann's Runes gives you the chance to create such a romantic communiqué between just you and your loved one. We'll take your names and birthdays along with the enchanting ring of choice into our mysterious cauldron and brew up a set of keys that is perfectly unique to your relationship. Our professional composer will use those special musical keys to compose a picturesque tune designed specifically for your union. This will be your private anthem that can be played on a piano - a chorus of your love. Use it wherever you like and let your sense of sound deepen the experience of your romance.
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Our composer hears you. He is creating a set of musical notes that only belongs to you and your lover. Simply click ‘Submit’ to unlock this romantic communiqué.

An email is on the way to your inbox. Present it to our shop staff alongside the purchase of your ring and enjoy this one-of-a-kind musical composition on the house.