When you seek simplicity in jewellery, you must strike a delicate balance between exquisite beauty and quiet dignity. Simplicity in jewellery should not mean drab or boring; it should add a soft, yet significant shine to your already glowing aura. Simple jewellery adds a sparkle that reflects your beauty rather than screaming out its own, and remains comfortable enough to wear regularly rather than be kept on a pedestal.

The Sapphire is that quiet sparkle at the centre of the Royally Simple collection. It is a precious stone that has been appreciated for its depth and spirit for hundreds of years. From the ancient Persians to numerous holy men over the ages, the Sapphire has always been associated with wisdom, life, heaven, protection and respect. 
In more modern times, the stone has been closely associated with romance and royalty. When Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana with a sapphire engagement ring, the whole world was charmed and captivated by this fairy tale princess brought to life. Today, Prince William's wife, Catherine Middleton continues the tradition, wearing Diana's sapphire ring that was given to her in her own engagement to Diana's son.
Royalty across the ages have borne these blue stones for protection and to symbolise their purity and wisdom. Even the British Crown Jewels, the ultimate symbols of Royalty in the modern world, bear full blue sapphires. 
This is not merely some beautiful, shiny gemstone: it is a stone imbued with a rich history of defining royal grace and wise rulers.

The Royally Simple collection from the Belgium Diamond House is about bringing out your inner princess. Taking cue from the modern epitome of the fairy tale princess, Princess Di, we present a harmonious collection of items that emphasises simple style, but features rich, full-bodied sapphires that gleam with quiet, yet powerful, charm.
These are some of the most wearable rings, wrought in heavy, solid carat gold to withstand the rigours of daily wear. The uncomplicated designs of the rings themselves have been carefully chosen not only to enhance the significance of the sapphires, but also to ensure maximum comfort. These are simple rings, not dissimilar to those you may already wear every day, but adorned with the finest, iconic blue gemstones.
We don't want you to just feel like a princess, we want you to be a princess – every single day.