Inspired by the revival of the Art Deco style, the Paris 1925 diamond ring collection evokes a romantic feel. This classic design, which emphasizes strong contrast and bold colour, has been made famous by great artists such as Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, who advocated the abstract Cubism starting in 1907. The Paris 1925 is the crystallization of superb craftsmanship and elegant European art, with each diamond hand-mounted on the ring.


The time is April, 1925, the location is Paris, France. The jazz age in in full swing, and times are lively. With the First World War fading from people’s memory, hope is revived, good spirits awakened and Paris is keen to re-establish itself as a leader in luxury goods. With this in mind it throws open the city to the awe of 16 million visitors, who parade the halls at the International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts in wonder—for this mammoth exhibition showcases the pinnacle of artistic creation of an artistic movement that will be noted in history.

Welcome to timeless glamour. Welcome to the symbolic, the symmetrical, the succinct. More than diamonds, this is art.  This is Art Deco. 

Belgium Diamond House invites you to experience the indefinite allure and bewitching beauty of our new collection, Paris1925. As with each of the collections handcrafted at Belgium Diamond House, the Paris1925 series entwines our exquisite gem setting traditions with the historic elegance of the European arts. Now, and for the first time, our designers look to a modern artistic movement, to the angular, refined, effervescent Art Deco.


Born from earlier fine-art movements, Fauvism, which experimented greatly with colour and pattern, and the abstract Cubism, first introduced by the painters Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque from 1907, Art Deco drew on exotic and eclectic influences and was highly decorative, yet simplistic and modern. During this period, artists’ fascination with ancient civilisation from Greece to Egypt to the Aztecs began to impact their creations, leading to bold line, block colour and zig-zag motifs appearing on architecture and decorative arts of the day. Such elements juxtaposed with the syncopated rhythms and regularity of the machine-age, another cornerstone influence, and one that resulted in sleek, polished design.

Reaching its pinnacle in Paris, in 1925, with the opening of the triumphant World’s Fair, the International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts showcased the age’s new feeling of freedom and festivity. So encompassing was the show that the term Art Deco would become derived from the event’s French name, taken from the words of its title, Arts Decoratifs.

The Art Deco movement spread worldwide. From Belgium, Boch Freres Keramis exhibited ceramics with bold lines, human depictions and geometric graphics. Poland’s Tamara De Lempicka’s sensual canvasses underscored her own glamourous guises. Shanghai’s The Bund housed collections of buildings built to archetypal Art Deco style. In America, shimmering new skyscrapers climbed higher and higher, featuring cubic and rectangular forms, as well as abstract references to the motor car, seen so handsomely displayed on buildings such as Chrysler Building.


Perfectly in line with the buoyant mood of the Roaring Twenties, there resumed an opulent lifestyle, fuelled by an unbridled feeling of freedom that leant toward debauchery and played out to the razzle-dazzle music of the time, for this was the great jazz age. All the better to dress up in dazzling jewels, from sparkling hair slides and headbands, to dangling earrings, necklaces and bangles, styled with this alluring new modernity in mind. And for the frivolous and the fancy only diamonds, diamonds, and diamonds would do!

It is from this rich period, with its daring beauty, its seductive glamour, and its re-defined power that master jewelers at Belgium Diamond House were inspired to bring into being our ravishing new collection. Sleek, bold, luxury, geometric form and sparkling diamonds pay tribute to this iconic era. Paris1925 is dedicated to freedom, fashion and fascination.
At Belgium Diamond House we believe our jewellery goes beyond mere decoration to exist as modern new pieces of art. We present to you Paris1925. Stunning pieces inspired by an age born of new possibility, with a compelling beauty that shines with artistic meaning.