William Shakespeare was hailed as the most distinguished poet and dramatist in the history of English literature. 1590 – 1613 was the golden age of his creation. During his early period, his was mainly on comedies and historical dramas. Until the late 16th century, his works had reached an in-depth and artistic peak, and he was revered as the most prominent writer.

Shakespeare’s fame travelled far and wide over the five continents until today. “Romeo and Juliet”, one of his most well-known masterpieces is still being performed and translated in different languages in every part of the world nowadays.

Shakespeare’s classic love sonnets are renowned for inspiring romantic mood which touch every lover’s heart.

The Shakespeare in Love Diamond Wedding Band Collection takes the poetic essence from the romantic epic of the playwright master William Shakespeare; each pair of rings is engraved with a heartfelt verse to bring forth passionate sentiment for your beloved. The gorgeous ring is also decorated with Baroque lace and braided craftsmanship.

To pay tribute to the brilliant dramatist, our designer, crafted Shakespeare’s name on the ring, not just giving romantic touch to it but also life, Baroque art sensation and lover’s everlasting vow.