The true value of diamond comes from the story behind it.

Diamond has long been a symbol of power and nobility. The crafting of a diamond jewelry piece goes through many procedures, from excavating, selecting, processing to designing, all of which call for detailed attention. Only with refined design and craftsmanship would a diamond’s ultimate value be fully revealed.

Taking the elegance of European arts as the blueprint, our designers in Antwerp, Belgium crafted each diamond ring into a piece of wearable work of art. They instill the artistic elements with historic value into their design and created a series of popular diamond ring collections: the “La Musicien Baroque” collection that pays tribute to musicians during the Baroque period; the “Abrazo de Tango” collection that was inspired by Argentina Tango; and the “Shakespeare in Love” collection engraved with famous love quotes by William Shakespeare.

With its refined craftsmanship and unique design, our diamond ring collections reflect individual elegance and style.