More than a Diamond...
this is ART

Jewellery is one of the finest forms of fashion art. Creating truly magnificent pieces requires a delicate balance of careful craftsmanship and sourcing of the finest gemstones.

Belgium Diamond House defines that balance, integrating the finest of traditional Belgium diamond crafts into a full range of artistic styles.

Designed for the Aficionado

Each piece of jewellery The Belgium Diamond house presents is no mere fashion item. They are as special and unique as the baroque paintings from which they are inspired. Those who choose to wear them are of like-minded appreciation of the arts, and share the same sort of passion as our hardworking designers.

It is therefore easy to see why our customers are not just mere patrons. We treat each person who enters our store with the personalised treatment that we would deliver to a close friend. In-shop gemologists, your own Jewellery Consultants and our in-shop diamond processing workshop makes selecting your next piece of unique wearable art an indulgent experience.

It Began in Baroque…

The Belgium Diamond House naturally sources the finest cut diamonds simply by being situated in Antwerp – the city of diamonds. It is here that the diamond trade has flourished ever since the 15th century and to this day remains one of the worlds three most prominent cities for international diamond business.

However, what sets the Belgium Diamond House apart is not just these glorious jewels, but indeed the infusion of art into the designs. Initially, the inspiration came from the classic baroque art of Peter Paul Reubens. Synthesising this famous painters aesthetics into features of the jewellery truly set these collections on their very own pedestal.

…And Ascended to the Next Level

The Belgium Diamond House now pushes these artistic boundaries, taking it one step further. From Britains Shakespeare, to Argentinian tango, to the Parisian Art Deco – their collections now draw inspiration from a full range of artistic styles to create true masterpieces of jewellery.

Recognition of True Quality

Wedding Magazine
2011 – 2014
Bridal Jewellery – The Best Design Award
"… Belgium Diamond House’s signature ring is designed with artistic elements, reflects the art conservation of the one who wears it …"
Darizi Magazine
2012 – 2014
Outstanding Wedding Band Design – International Brand Award
Bridal Jewellery – The Best Design Award
The Most Popular Wedding Band – International Brand Award
“… Belgium Diamond House provides rigorous design and service as traditional Belgium diamond boutiques … ”
All About Wedding
All About Wedding Award – The Best Bridal Jewellery Design Award
“… Belgium Diamond House stands out from other diamond brands with its unique art inspired design concept and among those stories; it is the love story to be worn on the fingers… ”
ESD Life
2014 – 2015
Quality Wedding Merchant
Belgium Diamond House was awarded The Quality Wedding Merchant through comprehensive assessment in the Quality Wedding Merchant Scheme jointly organized by ESD Services Limited and Hong Kong Productivity Council.