Add Charm to Your Beauty

Even the most beautiful of diamonds could be personalised. While every ring made by Belgium Diamond House is a finely crafted piece of art, you may wish that your jewellery expressed your personality more specifically. With the Charme of Love collection, you have the opportunity to add that extra touch of class, elegance and, well, charm to your existing Belgium Diamond House ring.

A Charm for Every Mood

The wonderful part about adding charms to your ring is that it is an impermanent change: at the briefest flutter of your whim, your ring can now shift to suit your mood. There is a full range of designs to choose from, including alphabet letters, musical symbols, pet shapes and hearts among many more. There will be something for any moment or person that you want to immortalise in this jewellery modification.

Dangling on the Lolli

Your charms will dangle from our unique "lolli" accoutrement, which resembles a heart-shaped lollipop. It is only fitting that the delightful addition to your ring is attached in a way that reflects the fun and joy that the charm represents. While playful, these charms are still as precious as the rings themselves, crafted in 18k cold and set with sparkling diamonds. Each one is truly a work of art in itself.

You can have brilliant additional charm to expand your collection, so that you may then have a whole range of unique ring styles to be changed at your pleasure.

Give your beautiful, shining ring, the Charme of Love.

HK$2,000 (Including 1 charm +  first time modification fee)
HK$1,500 (For charm only)