The worth of a piece of diamond directly relates to its quality. Two natural diamonds with slight differences in quality could result in significant discrepancies in value.

Diamonds are classified into grades that are indistinguishable by the naked eye. Following Antwerp’s professionalism and sales models, Belgium Diamond House makes use of a series of professional authentication apparatus to provide customers with expert diamond analyses. These apparatus include the "Diamond Proportion Comparator" exclusively used by an authoritative gemological organization (GIA), the world’s most advanced colorimeter and the "10x" magnifying loupe, and "30x" and "120x" gemology of international standard.

Diamond Proportion Comparator

Sarin Diamond Colorimeter

"10x" Magnifying Loupe

Carat Balance


Belgium Diamond House values the unique tastes and preferences of every customer. Our "Jewellery Consultants" strive to provide the most professional advice to fulfill customers’ unique requests, helping them select diamonds that best suit their needs with the occasion, budget, etc. for which the jewelleries are acquired for taken into account. Gemologists are always available as well to explain to customers the diamond knowledge and to objectively analyze each piece of diamond, assisting them to come up with the most sensible decisions.

Diamonds selected by customers are to be inlaid immediately by our professional craftsmen at the in-shop diamond processing counter. This offers customers a great sense of assurance by allowing them to observe the entire inlay process while showcasing them traditional Belgium inlay techniques at the same time.


Originated from Antwerp, the vital Belgian city of diamond businesses, Belgium Diamond House puts substantial emphasis on the inlay of diamonds. With our persistence in design and dexterous craftsmanship, classical, elegant diamond jewelleries that compare to marvelous museum exhibits are given birth for our admiration.


A piece of quality jewellery comes about not only in unique design from the hands of skillful craftsmen. It is the quality of the natural diamonds and the precious metals where the most crucial factor lies. Diamonds selected by Belgium Diamond House are of first-rate quality, so are the gold and platinum of world acclaimed purity and class. This is why the dazzle of our diamond jewelleries are always the centre of attention.

Lifetime warranty

The creation of a perfect piece of diamond jewellery comes about not only from the natural quality of the diamond. Delicate craft, a rich culture of art and unbridled creativity are equally indispensable. Every piece of diamond jewellery made with such assiduousness is indeed a unique art piece that is worth keeping forever. Belgium Diamond House holds fast to the principle of preserving diamonds to perfection that could stand the trial of time, and therefore all our jewellery are entitled to lifetime warranty to ensure that the distinguishing glow of every piece of diamond will last to eternity.